tirsdag den 25. maj 2010

Engelsk eksame... Jeg er så godt som død
American Beauty (screenplay) One More Thing (Raymond Carver), fra Yor Society-Check it out (Friisberg) Neighbours (Raymond Carver), fra Yor Society-Check it out (Friisberg) The Modern Family (artikel af Steven Mintz)
American Beauty (film) The Growth of the Suburb (selv-produceret artikel baseret på wikipedia artikel Suburbs)
Rule, Britannia God Save the King An ABC for Baby Patriots (Mrs Ernest Ames) The White Man´s Burden (Rudyard Kipling) Shooting an Elelphant (George Orwell) Karma (Kushwant Singh, fa Indian Scenes af Hendel og Pedersen) The Daily Telegraph artikel om overdragelsen af Hong Kong
Background article om British Empire, Commonwealth og Britain in India (selv-produceret) Slumdog Millionaire (film)
Rhetorical Analysis of Non-fiction Texts (hjemmelavet kompendium) We should be saying: Keep the Luxury Car Blair speech on terror My child´s IQ is bigger than yours
What is a Global Language? (David Crystal) What is Standard English? (David Crystal) The Two Dispersals of English (Jennifer Jenkins) English as a World Language (Bill Bryson) Dis Poem (Mutabaruka)
JFK Inaugural Speech JFK: America´s Stake in Vietnam (fra With God on our Side) A Rumour of War (Philip Caputo) fra WGOOS The General Goes Zapping Charlie Cong (Nicholas Tomalin) fra WGOOS Ambush (Tim O´Brien) fra WGOOS Black Soldiers´ Perspectives on the War (Gerald Hill) fra WGOOS Born on the Fouth of July (Ron Kovic) fra WGOOS What did we learn from Vietnam? (B A Mason and P Caputo) fra WGOOS
Draft Morning (Byrds-sang) I-feel-like-I´m-fixin´-to-die (Country Joe and the Fish-sang) fra WGOOS Fortunate Son (Creddence-sang) Platoon (film)

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