søndag den 22. maj 2011

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Omkring 2-3 meter svinehud direkte fra kødbyen!! Fik det for kun 1 (!!) flaske rødvin! Hvad siger i? hjerte hjerte

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  1. hejio, unfortunately i can´t understand what you´re writting& the translations from the web are terribly!! so what do you mean with the text below the pics??

    olthough i dont know what your writtin´:
    i like your blog a lot! rock on! :D

  2. unfortunately i'm very bad at english but i can try to translate it anyway.

    translation: About 2-3 meters skin from a pig from kødbyen ( a place in Copenhagen ). I got it for only one bottle of wine. What do you think?

    Haha. thank you very much. I'm afraid that i wont stop writing in danish but you can still look at the photos :)

  3. don´t worry, i think your english is easy to understand and wow - you can swap skin with wine? haha, good deal.
    i think: for what do you need the skin?

    no matter. i can understand that´s for you more easy to write in danish and i think if you would write english, a lot of things wouldn´t sound as good.
    but i keep on looking your blog :D

  4. I needed it for a school project. My group and I are making a video about a guy who likes to kill and cut women up. The skin is supposed to be one of the women that he kills.
    I will upload it as soon as it's done. I'll let you know.

    exactly, but i'm glad that you still find my blog interesting even though you don't understand danish. :D

  5. oh, wow sounds interesting. looking forward to it.

    haha, jopp maybe i´ll learn it by reading yours :D